"I Make My Own Welsh Cakes - Episode 1"
The first epsiode of our 2023 docu-vlog where we navigate around Wales and the UK seeking out and sampling Welsh Cakes from all commercial makers we could find. This series starts with a look at Welsh Cake history and a surprising find on our very first day in Cardiff!

Here we talk about a new special seasonal flavor - Cocoa Mochaccino - How we make it and what inspired it.

Our Chocolate Dipped Welsh Cakes and Shortbread are legendary - Chocolate lovers are emailing us about them all year long but we only sell these for a short time at the beginning of the year when the weather in Southern California is accomodating to shipping them and we actually have the time to make them... want to see how they are made? Click the video above.

Welsh Baker is the #1 seller of welsh cakes in the US and the #1 seller on Our cakes are often the first that many people in America ever taste. While is a good way to find new customers, it does has its drawbacks. The big one is some people who are unfamiliar with welsh cakes can develop an expectation of what they think a Welsh Cake should be. No matter how much detail we put in the product listing, there is always someone who expects something else. We made this video for first time shoppers to help acquaint them to Welsh Cakes BEFORE they buy.

In addition to our signature welsh cakes, we also make scones. Our scones are legendary... they are also crumbly (like all scones) and so we share some tips on how best to handle and serve scones so those unfamiliar can "fight the crumble"... we sped the video up because you can watch it in less time who doesn't love a chipmunk video? That reminds me, we still need to make a video where we inhale helium.

With the pandemic in full swing, Denise are I were relegated to packaging internet orders. Every day, all day, that's pretty much all we do these days. we process orders all day. We really haven't left the room either. This is a video we made that tells a little secret about how to get a little something extra in your orders... a "fan club bonus" if you will.

We had this video made by a professional multimedia company using paid actors, a studio and everything. It aired for a time on TV all over the US in something called "remnant programming". This is were they used our commercial to fill in spaces in programming that didn't have ads already booked. We appeared on BBC America, The Food Network, Hallmark, and many other well known programs and networks. Even buying remnants, the costs to be on TV were pretty high and the returns were not much better than social media advertising which is WAY LESS expensive. We suspended the campaign but we may someday resume it.

Using craiglist ads, we found and hired an actress, a script writer, and a videographer. The actor, Scott Williams, was a friend and fellow vendor on the celtic fair circuit and it was his music in the background. We filmed in a local park one hot summer day and put it out on the internet to see what would happen. We were hoping for attention in America but instead we got attention in Wales where it was mentioned on a popular radio show. The actress, Laura Evans, a bona-fide Welsh woman living in LA at the time, has gone on to to become a noted country singer in the UK.

Circa 2010.
Ventura Seaside Highland Games. While it's located in another county from ours, these games are the closest celtic festival to our facility in Santa Clarita. We thus consider Seaside to be our "home" games. We've never had a bad year at this festival, it's always been a fabulous event with a fabulous crowd. We can't say enough good about it.

Back in 2009, just before I was laid off from the last desk job I would ever hold, Denise and I were experimenting with the idea of making and selling Welsh Cakes. She made a bunch of them in different sizes and flavors. I played around with packaging. I brought some cakes into work to try out on my colleagues. Welsh Baker hadn't yet been formed, we didn't really know if there was a market for the idea.This was the reaction of my former colleagues being introduced to Welsh Cakes for the first time.