Welsh Baker Box O' Duds

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Aaaaaaand... they're gone. Sorry - you missed them! We add new ones every week or so. Check our FBook or Instagram page for announcements!
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We keep this offering a secret because it's usually sold out, if you're reading this it's because you're a VIP fan! Welsh Baker's "Box O' Duds" is a special offering of imperfect looking but perfect tasting Welsh Cakes. After every production we always have some of these in just about every flavor but obviously we have more of the popular flavors as we make more of them. Normally we don't mind having some duds to use as samples at festivals but with all events cancelled - we have no use for imperfect looking cakes. We offer these at a substantial discount. The Box O' Duds will contain a variety of Welsh Cakes, at least 5 different flavors, maybe more. The cakes are simply packed with a flavor sticker only. The packs contain either 2 or 4 cakes in each. The Box holds at least 32 welsh cakes in all. As for the quality of the product, aside from appearance, they are all from the same dough, the same batches as all our regular product- in some cases they are perfect just extra that we didn't need for orders. They are just as fresh and come with the same shelf life as our regular cakes - 3 weeks. They can be frozen exactly the same as our regular cakes. Order a box of imperfect looking but perfect tasting Welsh Cakes and you'll feel like you scored a bargain!  PLEASE note: - Only 1 box of duds per customer per week. - No further discounts apply, they are discount priced and available only to fans.

Ps. If you're looking for our "Mystery Box" deal - see the related item below.  If there is no "ADD TO CART" button on this page, that means we are sold out. You can send us an email and ask to be notified when the Duds become available again. 

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