These are the "Extras" we offer. To purchase any of these, click BUY NOW and select a "COMBO" Box.


Also referred to as Cornish, Clotted, or Devonshire cream, this thick cream is made from cows milk. It is not sweet but is often used on sweet things such as Welsh Cakes, Scones and Fruit. Use within 2-3 weeks of opening. (Brand may vary) 5.5-6 Ounces.


A delicacy that we also import from the UK. Lemon Curd is a custard-like spread with a distinctive sweet lemony flavor. You can use it on toast, in tarts, and naturally on or our cakes. (Brand may vary). 11-12 Ounce Jars.

Black Currant Preserves

A traditional flavor in the UK, these imported preserves are loaded with little bits of the sweet black currant berry. A perfect spread to put on our cakes.
12 ounces.


These imported English preserves are tangy and sweet with lots of little bits of soft ginger. A very unique spread that goes very nicely with our cakes. 12 ounces.

Old English Marmalade

A traditional "morning" flavor, Old English Marmalade is more tart than regular marmalade you might find in America. With big bits of orange rind from Seville Oranges, the flavor and taste are traditionally English and purely delightful.

Welsh Brew

The only major tea brand actually made in Wales. This mid-medium strength black Tea is a blend of African and Indian teas. It is relished by true tea drinkers and a favorite in Wales. 40 Tea Bags.

Prince of Wales

A mild, full-bodied, blend of China black teas that we import from inings of England. Originally brewed for King Edward VIII, this tea was withdrawn from the UK market and is sold for export only since he abdicated. 20 Tea Bags.