Warming Instructions
Cakes may be eaten straight from the package however most people prefer them warmed. Warming takes 8-10 seconds for one cake in a 1500W microwave, 10-12 seconds for a whole pack. If heating in an oven, 2-3 mins @ 275 will usually do. Some folks tell us they toast the cakes and we like that too. Just don't overheat, you just want to warm them, not cook them. As for our Scones, waming times are the same as for Welsh Cakes but watch this video to learn all about preparing them.
Serving Suggestions
The cakes and scones can be eaten plain but most people prefer them warmed with spreads on them. Jam and Clotted Cream is traditonal and delightful. Jam and Butter is great too. Honey, peanut butter and Nutella are other options. Currant flavor go very well with wine and cheese. As for Shortbread, it is a cookie and is eaten unwarmed but people do put similar spreads on them.
Buying at the best price
We sell our products in a variety of ways but you will always pay the lowest price if you buy direct from us via this website or at an event. If you buy at an event, you can join our Free Fan Club at checkout and you will get the "Fan Price". If you buy on this website you can sign up to receive our EMail Newsletter by clicking here and we will give you discount codes to save money on every purchase. You can also find discount codes shared on our Facebook or Instagram page. Finally, you can always just call us and ask for a code or place your order by phone and we will automatically apply a code for you.

Shelf Life and Storage
Since most people eat or freeze our product right away, shelf life isn't usually an issue. For Welsh Cakes and Scones, we suggest eating within 3.5 weeks if unrefrigerated. 4.5 weeks if refrigerated and 20 weeks or more if frozen. Shortbread stays fresh 1 week longer. If unopened - store all in their original package. Once opened, store in a ziplock or wrap in aluminum foil. All products may be frozen in their original wrapping.
Where is the expiration date?
We don't mark expiration dates on the packages but instead we indicate an "Eat or Freeze By" date on the order inserts or packing lists that come with each order. If purchased at a fair or event, the expiration date is 3.5 weeks from the time of purchase.
Ingredients / Nutrition
We use only natural ingredients and no preservatives in all our standard flavors of welsh cakes, scones and shortbread. Some special or seasonal flavors may contain ingredients with artificial ingredients. Our Wheat Free/Vegan offerings are all natural, made from Oat Flour, Vegan Margarine and Oat Milk . Most of our Welsh Cakes have about 100 calories per single serving. Scones are basically like eating 2.3 Welsh Cakes so you can use the Welsh Cake values and some math to figure them out. Nutritional values are found on our nutrition page by clicking here.
Where are they made?
Our cakes are made in the largest dedicated Welsh Cake manufacturing facility in the US. In 2017, after working out of rental kitchen for 7 years, we bought our own building and built a 3000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in our hometown of Santa Clarita, California.

Can I buy in person at your facility?
We are not a retail bakery so we do not have retail "drop in" hours.You can pickup an order you previously placed online or by phone but we require an appointment to do so. One exception is during one of our free "open house" events which are held several times a year.To learn more about open house events, click here to join our newsletter email list.
Who makes our products?
We do! Welsh Baker is a family business. The cakes are made by the founders (that's us below!) Denise and Joe Carbone, or by one of our employees. You can read our story here.
What are the shipping charges?
Our shipping charges are pretty straight forward - ZERO! All prices are "delivered" prices. We ship exclusively by USPS. If you require an alternative shipper, we can sometimes accomodate those requests but they almost always incur at an additional charge.
How long does shipping take?
We ship via USPS Priority mail except for the 2 pack boxes which ship by First Class mail. Shipping usually takes 1-3 days anywhere in the US. We try to ship orders the same day they are received however we cannot always. You will, in all cases, receive status email updates whenever we receive, start to process and then ship your order.
How far in advance should I order?
If you have a party or birthday or other date-critical event, it is best to order early and to specify your requested delivery date in the order comments when checking out online. We request 5 business days but can sometimes accomodate faster deliveries. It's best to call us and ask.

What events do you vend at?
Up until COVID-19, we sold at a host of events throughout the western US and we would publish our calendar every week. We will get back to many events when they are reopened however at this time we do not have many lined up. The best way to know which events we will be attending is to sign up for our email newsletter or follow us on social media. Click here
Do you sell in stores?
We mostly sell direct to our consumers but we do have some stores that carry our products. You can find our cakes at the Coffee Kiosk chain in Santa Clarita and the Grower's Ranch store in Newport Beach, CA. We do welcome wholesale inquiries.

Other Questions?
We love to hear from our customers. If you have any other questions, fee free to reach out to us by phone, email or thru social media and we will do our best to get them answered. Contact us by clicking here.