Answers to the Questions we are asked most often...
How long do they stay fresh and how should I store them?
Do you make them yourself? How are they made?
Our cakes contain no preservatives. We mark each  package with an expiration date that is at least 3 weeks out. We guarantee them for at least that long. They can remain fresh beyond the expiration date if refrigerated or frozen. If you don't plan to eat them within a week or so, freeze them to extend freshness. They can be frozen for months if they are frozen before their expiration, the sooner the better. Store as you store bread. Best to keep them sealed. 
Yes we griddle these cakes ourselves, by hand, every week in the 1000's. It's a true labor of love. We use special tools that we designed specifically to ensure conformity of size and weight but even with these tools, the task of making 10,000+ cakes a week is always a challenging task. Every cake we make is hand picked and placed in each package by Denise or Joe... we take pride in every package.  
What are the ingredients and nutritional values of your cakes?
Where are they made?
We are proud to say we use only natural ingredients and no preservatives. We are even prouder to share the fact that our cakes are only about 100 calories a piece and most are less than 30% calories from fat. Details are found on our nutrition page. Our cakes are made  in a wholesale licensed and health department approved commercial kitchen in Santa Clarita, California. The kitchen is operated by JamWest Foods, Inc. and is located at 26470 Ruether Ave, Santa Clarita, CA. You are welcome to stop by pick them up at our kitchen when we are there but we request you call ahead to make an appointment. 
Should I heat them and how should I serve them?
What are the shipping costs and how long does shipping take?
You don't have to warm the cakes, but they are nice that way. 8-10 seconds in the microwave seems to do the trick. 3-4 mins in a preheated oven @ 275 seems works, 45 seconds in a toaster oven is good. Don't overheat, you just want to warm them a little,  not recook them. As for eating, some people put honey on them, others like butter or jam or lemon curd. Some people heat them and add a scoop of ice cream and syrup. The Currant, Blueberry and Cranberry flavors go well unheated with a piece of cheese or slathered with brie and served with a cool drink or wine. However you decide to eat them, they are great and there's no right or wrong way. The Welsh people are practical not fussy.
Our shipping charges are pretty straight forward - ZERO!  As for WHEN we ship and how long it takes, that can be a little tricky. We like to ship our product fresh off the grill and we cook on Tuesdays and Wednesdays most weeks and so we mostly ship on those two days. Occasionally we cook on other days too but most weekends were are at events introducing our product to new customers so if you order anytime from Thursday thru Monday, we may not ship your order until the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Worry not, we will ship them as soon as we can and we will notify you by email when we do. If you have a specific date you need the cakes (5 days out please!) let us know and we will our darndest to make it happen.
Are there discounts available?
Can I pick them up from you?
You can learn about discount codes and offers by joining our Facebook page as a follower. It's free and you can save money! You can also join our email list to receive money saving coupons that we send out every month.
If you are local to Santa Clarita, CA there are options to pick up the cakes from one of our retail outlets. We have an arrangement with the Coffee Kiosk stores in Santa Clarita where you can place an order on our website and pickup your order free of shipping charges, at any of their stores. If your zip code is local to Santa Clarita, this option to pick up will automatically appear at checkout and you can tell us which location in the order comments.
More Questions? Can I buy them in stores?
Email us at [email protected] or call us toll free at 877-935-7422.
We are starting to see our product in stores. A list of them is shown  on our "Where to Buy" link.